Today’s Editorial November 06: Enjoy Pirates Week 2006

It’s party time in the Cayman Islands.

It kicked off Saturday on Little Cayman with the ever-popular Pirates Week parade.

Pirates Week begins in earnest Thursday with the pre-Pirates Week Happy Hour at Breezes by the Bay and the annual party at the Wharf Restaurant.

This will be the first ‘real’ Pirates Week we’ve had since 2003.

Hurricane Ivan put a damper on the festivities in 2004 when it blew through the Cayman Islands in September. We were all too busy trying to put our lives and our island back together to concentrate on partying.

Last year’s Pirates Week was downright miserable because it rained just about every day.

It was so bad that the Ministry of Tourism and the Pirates Week Committee decided to push back the annual event to take it out of the rainy month of October.

This year’s fun will run from 9-19 November on Grand Cayman and continue 24-25 November on Cayman Brac.

Pirates Week in the Cayman Islands is the only major festival in the Caribbean operating without an admission charge to the major events.

The fireworks show, the landing, pageant and street dance cost thousands of dollars to produce.

Digicel has stepped up as a good community minded corporate sponsor. Their support allows the Pirates Week Committee to maintain the standard of the festival. But there isn’t enough in the coffers for the committee focus on improvements.

While Digicel’s support is needed and welcomed, we’d like to see other corporate sponsors step up to the plate and help the Committee be able to fully fund the fun.

As much fun as we all have at the annual party, organizers worry each year about having enough money to throw the downtown events.

As costs rise for putting on the fireworks show, the sound system, musicians, lighting, security, advertising, clean up and the like, the Committee doesn’t have the option of meeting them through increased cover charges.

We hope everyone has a great time during Pirates Week 2006.

The 15-day forecast for the Cayman Islands at shows agreeable weather from 9-19 November.

So get out and party, but do it responsibly. Pirates Week should be fun for everyone.

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