Simon Robshaw and his involvement with CIFA

Mr. Simon Robshaw from CAYTECH Electronics Ltd. recently attended one of the training sessions for the Boys U17 National Team, and also the Simon Robshaw National Women Football League 2006/07 kick-off match. On both occasions, he was asked to comment on his involvement with CIFA, to which he replied, ‘I am very keen to help the development of football in the Cayman Islands, especially where the youth and the ladies are concerned. I think that the youth is the key to the future of the island and football helps them to keep disciplined; the skills that they learn throughout their training will help them for the rest of their lives and will make them better individuals and an asset to their communities’.

Mr. Robshaw also added, ‘I hope that the Boys U17 National Team will keep training hard and enjoying themselves while at it, so we can increase the level and quality of the game in Cayman Islands. I would love to see them going to America, which will help to put our team and country on the map. They are young and they have the potential to be our Senior National Team in ten years’ time, a team that will make us very proud’.

Concerning the Women’s League, he said, ‘The League has kicked off and the ladies have put a lot of effort into the game so far. The class of football is fantastic to watch. I want to give my thanks to the players, parents, coaches and all the people that make CIFA possible here in Cayman. One of the key people is Mr. Jeffrey Webb, who commits so much time and effort to make things happen for football players in the island. To everybody, please keep up the hard work and let’s see the results over time’.

CAYTECH is an electronic store located at Unit #8 in the Grand Harbour Shopping Centre, which specializes in Plasma televisions and Satellite Systems and supplies the latest electronic gadgets. Mr. Robshaw, partner in CAYTECH Electronics Ltd., retired and moved his family to Grand Cayman in April 2006. Mr. Robshaw is dedicated to youth, having assisted in the creation of a youth centre in his hometown in England, which enabled young people to participate in various sporting activities. You can find more about CAYTECH Electronics and shop online at .

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