Sisters get live local TV reports

The Sister Islands are to receive live local news and weather reports through Grand Cayman-based channel CITN, Minister for Communications Arden McLean announced at Friday’s weekly Cabinet press briefing.

‘Today it is historical that we will unite three islands as one through technology, and the 21st century means there are no boundaries in technology,’ he said.

Ever since becoming a minister, Mr. McLean said he had set out to get the local channels from CITN into the Sister Islands because he believes they should share in the same live TV as people in Grand Cayman do. He also believes there is no reason why this cannot be done, he said.

There has been a joint effort between CITN, Cable and Wireless and the Ministry to get this accomplished.

‘I can report that within a very, very short time this will be done. The signal is up, and over the next several weeks CITN will be testing equipment. You can watch, right now, on Weststar Cable Channel 1 on Cayman Brac, the live feed.

‘The Sister Islands will now be able to receive live local news reports and weather reports from the Cayman Islands and that is refreshing. I am extremely glad that that has finally come.’

The Minister thanked those in CITN who had worked on this along with Cable and Wireless for working tirelessly to help the project come to fruition.

‘It was supposed to come on line before the World Cup, but there were so many technical difficulties at that time that it was abandoned and the new equipment had to be purchased, brought in, and tested, and we’re right at the testing stages now.’

Cable and Wireless is facilitating the cabling underground to Cayman Brac and then the signal will be distributed, he said.

‘It is good to see two companies are cooperating so much and so well in the best interests of the people of this country,’ he said.

Mr. McLean expressed his delight with the advent of live television for the Sisters and for bringing the three islands together as one country.

‘These are exciting times in our country and the people of Cayman Brac and Little Cayman should share in that,’ he said.

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