Christmas post deadlines set

The Cayman Islands Postal Service has issued its latest recommended dates for posting letters and packages for the Christmas season.

Surface mail the United Kingdom and Western Europe and all other countries was Monday, 6 November.

Surface mail going to Canada and United States is Monday, 20 November.

The date for air parcels to the United States and Canada is Monday, 4 December.

Parcels destined for the United Kingdom and countries in Western Europe should be posted by Monday, 27 November. Parcels to all other countries should be posted by Thursday, 30 November.

Letters, Christmas cards, and postcards, as well as printed papers, should be mailed to the US and Canada no later than Monday, 11 December. Latest mailing dates for letters, cards, etc. destined for the UK and Western Europe is Thursday, 7 December, and for all other countries it is Tuesday, 5 December.

For local mail, the deadlines are as follows:

Mail destined for Cayman Brac and Little Cayman should be posted in Grand Cayman no later than Monday, 18 December.

Mail for delivery within Grand Cayman should be posted by Wednesday, 20 December.

Mail posted in the Sister Islands for delivery in Grand Cayman should be posted no later than Tuesday, 19 December, and for delivery within Cayman Brac and Little Cayman by Thursday, 21 December. International posting dates are as for Grand Cayman.

For all other categories, go to the CIPS website

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