Fish bites back

The Department of Environment has been busy answering some odd calls recently.

At 6pm Saturday, 28 October, Enforcer 1, Ladner Watler responded to a report through 911 of a vessel in distress because of engine trouble in the North Sound with two people on board. Mr. Watler towed the vessel back to its home dock near Lime Tree Bay.

At 6.30pm on Sunday, 29 October, Mr. Watler responded to a report of a vessel singing near Bobby Cay in the North Sound with five people on board. The boat was almost completely submerged when Mr. Watler found it. He transferred the five occupants to his own boat and took them to shore at the Cayman Islands Sailing Club. The sinking boat was towed to shore by a Fire service vessel, which had also responded to the 911 call.

At 4.20pm Tuesday, 31 October, Enforcers 1, 4, 7 and 11 responded aboard several vessels to a report of a man aboard a fishing vessel being bitten by a Wahoo who was bleeding profusely.

Enforcer 7 enlisted the help of a private vessel at Morgan’s Harbour and along with the owner, another volunteer and a family member of the bitten man, was first to come alongside the fishing vessel just outside the Stingray City Channel. The injured man was transferred from the slower fishing boat and taken to Morgan’s Harbour Dock where paramedics and an ambulance were waiting.

On Wednesday, 1 November, Enforcer 3, Ronnie Dougall and Enforcer 10, Carl Edwards confiscated two fish pots from the shore in George Town Harbour. The design and construction of the pots is prohibited in the Cayman Islands. Information packages containing the legal construction specifications for fish pots are available at the Department of Environment on North Sound Road.

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