Pathfinders adopt police officers

The Gideon Pathfinder Club of the Savannah Adventist Church under the leadership of Mrs. Merle Watkins recently made a courtesy call on the Bodden Town Police Station and adopted four police officers on duty.


Pathfinders have adopted four members of the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service. Photo: Submitted

In fact, Mr. Adrian Seales, chief inspector, Royal Cayman Islands Police, welcomed the Pathfinders as they made their entry into the station. Ms Doreen Brown, who is a master guide trainee, presented the devotional message. She encouraged the officers to abide in Christ in moments of discouragement. Ms Brown based her comments on John 15:5.

And so, the following officers were adopted by the Gideon Pathfinder Club: Chief Inspector Mr. Adrian Seales, who is in charge of the Eastern districts; Mr. Lazarus Morales, PC; Mr. Joseph Bushell, PC; and Ms Mary Reece, WPC. At the culmination of the community programme all officers were presented with the publication Ten Commandments Twice Removed, which is written by Danny Shelton.

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