Police crack down on seatbelts

As part of the Streetskills ‘Belt up’ campaign, officers from the Neighbourhood Policing Department carried out a day of action Friday to ensure drivers wear their seatbelts when behind the wheel.

Ten officers spent the day targeting various roads around the island making sure drivers were belted up, said an RCIPS press release.

A total of 36 drivers were prosecuted for not wearing their seatbelts, 15 people received verbal warnings to buckle up and two persons will be taken before the court for other traffic related offences.

‘Seatbelts save lives and that’s a fact,’ said Head of Neighbourhood Policing, Inspector Tricia Bodden.

‘Every time you get into a vehicle – whether you are the driver or a passenger – you should fasten your seatbelt. It could mean the difference between life or death.’

Streetskill launched its seatbelt awareness campaign on 1 November with 22-year-old Hannah Nicholson who crashed her car in 2004. Whilst trying to change a CD Hannah lost control of her three-week-old Volkswagen Golf and rolled the car onto its roof. Fortunately, Hannah was wearing her seat belt and walked away with cuts and bruises. To this day she counts herself lucky to be alive.

The Streetskill campaign, launched on May 1 by the National Roads Authority, the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service, Cayman Islands Road Safety Advisory Council and Government Information Services, is aimed at educating motorists and influencing their behaviour.


Organisers are looking for feedback on the Streetskill campaign and welcome ideas and thoughts from the community. Residents are encouraged to contact [email protected] (244-3004) or [email protected] (244-1762) or [email protected] (244-5865).

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