Keep Cayman dolphin free

What a shame, a very sad day for Cayman.

Your article on the 6th of December titled Dolphin Cove boosts Jamaica is a confirmation that once again the Caymanian Compass is helping free of charge to boost the popularity of such a controversial industry of keeping the dolphin in captivity and you are doing everything to convince the people of Cayman Islands that the dolphinariums are good for the economy and will boost the tourism on the island.

To the contrary, the dolphinariums will damage tourism in Cayman and will deteriorate Grand Cayman.

The tourists are coming to the Cayman Islands by the thousands via cruise ships already and from the latest articles in the media suggest that the number is about to increase and this is not because we are about to have the dolphinariums, but because of the safety and the freedom of touring the island without any fear.

Mr. Borrowes should stop blowing smoke in our faces. We are not stupid and we know what your agenda is. Keep your millions in Jamaica.

The publication of the names of celebrities that visited your business in Jamaica is very impressive, (if only these people knew what goes on behind the curtains, they will be very sad and horrified).

Education is power, why don’t you (Cayman Compass and Cayman Net News) write articles with website information about the capture of the dolphins in Tajii and around the world and publish documents of facts from marine biologists and experts in the field of mammals in the wild vs. in captivity, (we can provide you with the list upon request).

Please don’t let these people use you (the media) in convincing us the people of Cayman of how good the dolphinariums are for our country, they are not.

Building Caymanian villages in the districts for the tourists to visit for a long lasting experience of the Cayman Islands is what we need.

Keep the dolphin free in Cayman.

Giuseppe Gatta

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