Entrepreneurial spirit shines at craft fair

Junior Achievement nurtures an incredible array of talented students as was evident at the Grand Harbour Craft Fair held 2 December.

Sary Menjivar and Kaynesha Hurlston

VP of Marketing Sary Menjivar, left, and VP of Human Resources Kaynesha Hurlston of Cayman Charms C2 work the morning shift. Photo: Submitted

Motivated achievers representing six Junior Achievement companies put their entreprenurial spirit into practice and took part in the event to sell the products they have been busy producing and marketing since the programme began in October, said a JA press release.

Enthusiastic to make the most of their day and reach their sales target, students arrived early to put their merchandise on display. Visitors viewed and bought goods from the achievers, expressing delight at the range and quality of work on display as well as the attractive packaging.

Students from Lil’ Kreationz, a JA company sponsored by dms Organization Ltd., had a great day and sold their entire inventory of 83 recorded CDs featuring local artists. The company plans to record another CD is the New Year.

Top seller Andre Brown of Ceramistle, together with company President Bethany Ebanks, and alternate President Jordan McErlean, displayed and sold items for the home including handmade pot rests, coasters and clocks. Ceramistle is sponsored by Royal Bank of Canada.

The morning’s inclement weather did not hinder Cayman Charms C² from reaching their sales target. The company’s officers, President Renee Prendergrast, VP Finance Thresia McLean, VP Marketing Sary Menjivar, and VP Human Resources Kaynesha Hurlston, led their team in selling quality necklaces, bracelets and phone charms they made from attractive beads and stones. Cayman Charms C² is sponsored by Caribbean Publishing Company.

The achievers from Cay Memories, sponsored by Butterfield Bank (Cayman) Limited, produced and sold their inventory of handmade key racks decorated with sea shells and sand.

The item is functional as well as one which provides a memory of the Cayman Islands as the key racks also feature a sunset and stingray photo.

KeyMos Crafts, sponsored by RSM Cayman Islands, enjoyed a day of selling their mosaic trays and picture-frame key chains to all age groups.

‘Everyone had a very good experience at the fair learning both how to approach customers and pitch their products,’ said Tanya Meerovich, who serves as an advisor to the JA company.

It was a perfect day for Genuine Productions, a JA company sponsored by PricewaterhouseCoopers, to market and sell their wind chimes. As a result of their efforts, they received special orders for the holiday season.


For more information about these products or the JA programme, contact Joanne Diaz-Berry at the Junior Achievement Office by phoning 949-4306 or email [email protected]


Junior Achievement of the Cayman Islands is a non-profit organization. It was established by the Rotary Club of Grand Cayman Central and is jointly sponsored by Rotary Central and the Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce.

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