CIFA/CIRA Referees debut new uniforms

CIFA/CIRA Referees debuted their new uniforms last Saturday (December 02nd), thanks to a sponsorship from Queensgate Bank & Trust Co. Ltd.

The new uniforms span three colors: yellow, blue and black, and they also sport the new CIRA’s Referees badge, redesigned primarily by Mr. Bob Coyle from COGENT Communications Group.

Mr. Alfredo Whittaker, CIRA’s President, expressed his gratitude to Queensgate Bank & Trust Co. Ltd. for making the new uniforms a reality and also said ‘that this marks a turning point in CIRA’s history. This is the first time that the Referees have a sponsor and we hope that other companies will follow Queensgate’s example and come out and support not only the Referees but also the leagues and teams as well’.

For further information on future courses, please contact the CIFA office at 949-5775, by email at [email protected] or call CIRA’s President Alfredo Whittaker at 917 4843.

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