Bodden Town beach disgraceful

The Bodden Town Public Beach is in need of a proper cleaning.

The unsightly mess that has been left by the Bodden Town Pirates Week needs to be cleaned up before the holidays.

All of this left over rubbish from Heritage Day looks very bad considering that the town is still in a dilapidated condition from Hurricane Ivan.

Bodden town is also in its primary stages of the Go East initiative and one of the main items on our list is to have the town cleaned up.

Only a month ago the Caymanian Compass wrote and editorial that pointed out the disgraceful condition that the town was left in after its Heritage Day activities.

It should not have happened.

What the Heritage Day Committee should have done was to hire people from the district to clean up the town afterwards if they were too tired.

That is what has been done in previous years.

A few of the unemployed people from the district were contracted and paid to clean up, which they happily did.

Heritage Day has been more than a month now and the beach is still left with remnants of old coconut leaves half attached to makeshift wood tents.

These unsightly wooden figures are now being used for people to park their cars and trucks under and accommodation for beach sleepovers.

The Heritage Committee needs to learn that no one works for free any more.

The whole concept of the Heritage Days is to give the people of each district an enjoyable day, showing off its creativeness in many ways.

It is not a money-making event.

Therefore, when the Pirates Week Committee keeps this in mind they will make everyone much happier.

Twyla Vargas

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