Money raised for BT Senior Citizens Home

As part of Bodden Town Heritage Day, le Tour de Bodden Town had as its goal to collect funds for Miss Josie’s Senior Citizens Home.

Deriving its name from the world’s most famous bicycle race, Le Tour de France, this walking/running/cycling tour of Bodden Town, sponsored by Water Authority, succeeded in collecting CI$ 500.

The funds were presented to Miss Josie and Florence Wood, the directors of the home, by members of the Pirates Week Committee, led by its chairperson Valerie Anderson, and by Wil Stewart of Chalmers Gibbs Architects who has matched the amount collected in entry fees on the day of the Tour, states a press release.

The presentation was made as part of the senior citizens home Christmas party attended by about 70 people, including Minister Charles Clifford and Minister Anthony Eden.

“The senior citizens home has been built after Ivan destroyed the church hall where the senior citizens group used to meet,’ Miss Josie said. ‘The new home is a place where senior citizens can meet and perform their activities, and it has the mission to promote our heritage to residents and visitors to the island. With this money, we’ll improve the kitchen and with more help, we’ll build a real traditional kitchen”.

Marleine Gagnon, one of the organisers of the Tour said, “This action reflects how we, the residents of Bodden Town, can succeed in getting together to help our community.’

She hopes that the Tour de Bodden Town is only the first of many more such events to come.

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