Resolutions mostly about health

Caymanian Compass poll

The latest online poll revealed that most New Year’s resolutions made by respondents have something to do with being healthier.

Only 37 (29.4 per cent) of the respondents said they had made a resolution. Many of those people said they either wanted to lose weight, exercise more, or stop smoking.

‘Lose 30 pounds by eating better and drinking less,’ said one person.

‘Lose weight and maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle,’ said another respondent.

Other people had resolutions dealing with spiritual and mental health.

‘To become closer to God and be prepared to meet Him,’ said one person.

‘To live less stressfully,’ said someone else.

‘To be positive and thankful that I have life,’ said a third person.

Some people made financial resolutions.

‘To save money,’ was one person’s resolution.

‘To be frugal without being outright cheap,’ said another person. ‘In today’s economy, the two go hand in hand. Eat less, pay less.’

One young Caymanian, studying abroad, had a goal orientated resolution.

‘To successfully graduate with my master’s holding a 4.0 grade point average and return to my home country, Cayman, and buy a home.’

Another person said he or she just wanted to stick to New Year’s resolutions.

Other people seemed to know they would not stick to whatever resolution they made. 21 respondents (16.7 per cent) answered ‘What’s the difference? It’ll only last a week.’

The highest number of respondents (49 votes, or 38.9 per cent) said they did not make New Year’s resolutions.

‘When I want to change something about myself or a habit of mine, I do it at that moment,’ explained one person who did not make resolutions. ‘Waiting for a certain day only ensures that you do not have enough will power to follow through.’

For some people, asking them their New Year’s resolution in mid-December was too early. 19 respondents (15.1 per cent) said it was too early to answer the question about their New Year’s resolution and to ask them about it on 31 December.

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