Children get a taste of history

Sand yards, wattle-and-limestone daub and gingerbread lattice were some of the images seen and photographed by children recently during a National Trust-guided expedition to view Cayman’s traditional homes.

The group of 24 girls and boys were led by the Trust’s Education and Development Specialist Cindy Adam, Historic Programmes Manager Denise Bodden and several volunteers.

The students were provided with cameras and given basic instruction, and then the group set off on their trek.

The children were shown special highlights of the homes, which they captured in their images of wooden shingles, rooster-comb ridges, Dutch doors, cook rooms, trampways and a butterfly garden.

A special treat was a personal tour, led by Mrs. Bev Banks of Capt. Layman Bodden’s cottage, which dates back to 1910. Still well-preserved by the family, it is available for special vacation rentals.

Furnishings include original mahogany furniture, a drop-leaf table, and a traditional love seat for formal courting.

Boggy Sand Road, located at the four-way junction at the entrance of West Bay, is a seaside lane with quaint, traditional cottages as well as modern, million-dollar beach houses. It’s one of two areas in the Cayman Islands that the Planning Department has designated as an historic overlay zone.

As such, development in these communities should conform to the historic style and architecture of the area.

The second such zone is in Bodden Town, where the next National Trust excursion will take place at a date to be announced.

During the walking tour, Trust officials noted that there are many other traditional homes throughout the Cayman Islands that should be surveyed and, where possible, preserved. The trip concluded with a seaside picnic for the children.


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