DoE offers coral guide to teachers

The Department of Environment has supplied all the schools in the Cayman Islands with new copies of the Coral Gardens Teacher’s Guide.

With the permission of Coral Forest the teacher’s guide was adapted from the original Coral Forest manuscript in 1998 and copies distributed to local schools.

The Coral Garden’s Teacher’s Guide provides background information on the complexity of coral reefs and their surrounding environment, the threats that they are facing, and the possible solutions to these threats, states a press release.

While much of the format and structure of the topics remain similar to that of the Coral Forest, the text and pictures have been significantly altered to more accurately reflect the local marine environment and related issues for the Cayman Islands.

It has been created in an interesting and informative manner to encourage students to think about the complexity of coral reefs and their surrounding environment. The guide also presents students with different ways to take action to protect local reefs and fragile marine ecosystems, thereby instilling in them the understanding and confidence that they can improve the world in which they live.

‘We realized that many schools lost educational resources as a result of Hurricane Ivan,’ said DoE Research II Officer Joni Solomon. ‘The Department of Environment seeks to develop and support environmental citizenship by promoting awareness, understanding and appreciation of Caymans natural environment. In an effort to do this the Department will be supplying each school with one hard copy of the guide as well as two electronic copies including a slide show using local images.’