Digicel commends decision

Digicel said it welcomes the decision by the ICTA to deny the application of Cable & Wireless to modify the mobile termination rate, which is the rate that determines the amount customers pay for calls to mobile phones.

The ICTA, under the laws of the Cayman Islands, sets the rates that the only fixed line operator, Cable & Wireless are allowed to charge to other mobile telecommunication companies in order to ensure that competitors are now and in the future allowed to compete on a level playing field. The rates set the conditions for fair competition to prosper in the market with customers fully enjoying the benefits.

‘We believe that Cable & Wireless are trying to abandon abandoning the FLLRIC process, which they previously agreed and adhered to for over two years, because it will almost certainly result in a change in the way they are allowed to bill customers that will mean less money for C&W. It is highly ironic and disingenuous for Cable & Wireless to accuse other mobile operators for holding costs artificially high considering its history shows long abuse of dominance, anti-competitive behaviour, exorbitant prices, re-patriation of profits to the UK and non-existent customer service,’ said Digicel CEO JD Buckley.