National recycling planned

Minister of Infrastructure Arden McLean foresees a national recycling programme beginning during the current term of office.

‘It may not be a comprehensive one, but it will be a beginning,’ he said at the Cabinet press briefing on Friday.

Mr. McLean mentioned one material in particular.

‘We need to start recycling glass,’ he said, ‘in homes, businesses and particularly bars.’

The recycling programme will come with some costs.

‘Government will have some responsibility to provide the initiative to kick this thing off,’ Mr. McLean said, adding that he expected there to be some resistance to the programme.

‘But it will be to the betterment of the environment.’

One thing that Mr. McLean does not expect to happen during the current term of office is for the George Town Landfill to be relocated.

He said last July, however, that a new waste disposal system would be in place at the George Town Landfill within 18 months to two years.

Mr. McLean also spoke of the redevelopment project of the Little Cayman Landfill, which has already begun.

‘Of the three landfills managed by the [Department of Environmental Health], Little Cayman receives the least amount of solid waste,’ he said. ‘However, the need for redevelopment is pressing and there are a few outstanding issues which must be immediately addressed.’

Solid waste has been burned in Little Cayman without being separated first.

‘Everyone just dumped there and it was burned off,’ Mr. McLean said.

An air curtain burner, which burns at a much higher temperature creating less smoke and finer ash, has been purchased for the Little Cayman Landfill, and will be shipped to that island in the next few months. A Bobcat skid loader has also been purchased.

‘A tentative completion date for reorganisation of the landfill has been set for the end of May, 2007,’ Mr. McLean said.

‘In the interim, the DEH has begun sorting recyclable materials from delivered solid waste.’

Designated areas have now been established by the DEH for glass, metals and vegetation at the Little Cayman Landfill.

Mr. McLean agreed that the national recycling programme could very well start in Little Cayman.

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