Teen gets 10 years

Had unlicensed gun

An 18-year-old Bodden town resident faces the next 10 years of his life in jail for possessing an unlicensed firearm.

Joshua Alexander Brown pleaded guilty in Grand Court Friday.

Police quoted Brown as saying, ‘My life is over,’ when they interviewed him about the gun last year.

Brown told the officers he found the Taurus .38 revolver and one round of ammunition in the yard of a neighbour who was thought to be dealing in drugs and guns.

Crown Counsel George Keightley said two police officers went to Brown’s residence in Bodden Town around 8.30am on Sunday, 25 June, 2006, with a search warrant in connection to an alleged burglary.

The warrant was shown to Brown’s mother and the search took place. In Brown’s bedroom, one of the officers lifted bed clothing and found a silver revolver under a pillow. The revolver had a bullet in it.

Brown begged the officers not to tell other family members. He said he had the gun for protection against guys from an area of George Town.

On the way to the police station, Brown told officers he had $2,000. One of the officers told Brown not to say any more or he would get himself in more trouble.

When he was interviewed Brown indicated he had been getting ready to turn the gun in, but he was looking for a higher ranking policeman, like a superintendent. He said he did not know about the gun’s serial number being scratched out.

Mr. Keightley concluded by noting Brown’s date of birth, 28 March, 1988, which meant the offence was committed three months after his 18th birthday.

Defence Attorney Menelik Miller said Brown’s age was relevant to his reason for having the gun – no more than a boyish fascination. He had the gun in his possession about one and a half days.

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