Students get cycling safety message

Year one students at John A. Cumber Primary School in West Bay recently received some important cycle safety information from their local Neighbourhood Police Officer, PC Steve Myers.

PC Myers and children

PC Myers and children at John A. Cumber Primary School in West Bay.
Photo: Submitted

Mr. Myers visited the year one students to speak about the importance of wearing a helmet and other safety equipment while riding. He also spoke about the benefits of wearing light clothing and having lights on both the front and the back and expressed that children should ride with a parent or older brother or sister rather than alone. Mr. Myers went on to speak about road safety and how to cross the road as well as stressing that all children who travel in a vehicle must wear a seat belt, states a press release.

‘It was an absolute pleasure to attend the school and speak with the children,’ said Mr. Myers. ‘After the talk I tested them on various aspects of safety and they all passed with flying colours, which were great to see. Hopefully the key messages got through and they will take some of the information home to their parents so that they can also keep an eye on their safety.’

Following the talk the children took the opportunity to ride their bicycles in the school compound supervised by their teachers and by Mr. Myers.

The Streetskill campaign launched its cycle safety drive on February 1. Adverts encouraging riders to take safety seriously and motorists to look out for riders are being shown on TV and in the cinema. Information leaflets are also being handed out to riders and motorists alike.

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