Illegal lander found with drugs

Officers looking for a man who had entered the island illegally found him last July in a room off Crewe Road. They also found over 15 pounds of ganja.

Last week Terry Christopher Wright, 28, was sentenced to three years imprisonment after pleading guilty to possession of the illegal substance with intent to supply.

The maximum sentence for a first ganja offence is seven years.

Crown Counsel Kirsti-Ann Gunn said officers found Wright lying on a mattress in a bedroom 12 feet by 14 feet. There was also a bathroom, but only one way out.

The room had a strong scent of ganja and officers discovered several packages of vegetable matter plus a bottle of ganja tree stalks.

When arrested and interviewed, Wright initially said he was in Cayman for a vacation and accepted that he had come here by boat from Jamaica.

He was questioned about the money found in his trousers: CI$858, US$45 and 15 Honduran lempira.

He eventually admitted that he had come to Cayman legally on 21 November 2003 aboard a flight from Jamaica. Immigration records showed that he had left on 8 December 2003.

However, Wright said he never returned to Jamaica. He said he gave his passport to someone, then departed by boat for Honduras, where he worked for two years.

He said he came back to Cayman in May 2006, having paid $500 for the trip.

Mrs. Gunn told the court that Wright admitted he had been asked by a friend to buy weed as a favour. He had bought $3,000 worth.

Wright, who did not have an attorney, was asked by Magistrate Grace Donalds if he wished to say anything. At first he said no, but when encouraged he asked for leniency. He said he had been tricked.

Wright explained that after he went to Honduras, his friends were introducing him to some business. They took money from him and then were giving him the run-around. He decided that they wanted him to take responsibility for some drugs coming into Jamaica. He said no because it was too risky.

Then his friend said he was coming to Cayman, so would drop Wright here and arrange for him to get another boat to Jamaica. That’s what he was waiting for. Meanwhile, he could not buy a plane ticket because he had come here illegally.

In passing sentence, the magistrate ordered that the cash be confiscated. Wright was recommended for deportation following the completion of his sentence. He will get credit for time in custody. Sentences for the immigration offences were made to run concurrently.

Another man found in the room with Wright pleaded not guilty to charges involving the ganja. His trial has been set for May.

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