CIFA soaring towards 2020

A major futuristic initiative by the Cayman Islands Football Association is projected to make the game cruise into the next dozen years on a chartered course that will see massive development of young players along with more improvement of football technically and administratively.

Launched on 21 February, the Cayman Islands Development Task Force is charged with taking youth development and the game towards the year 2020 through a series of short and medium plans with annual assessment reports examining progress made and identifying areas for improvement.

Extending its international blessings to the Cayman Taskforce, FIFA the world governing body for football, sent two of its administrators to participate in the launch. They are FIFA Technical Advisor, and former Trinidad and Tobago Coach, Alvin Corneal; and General FIFA World Cup Coordinator, former US Olympic Team member, Mexico-born Hugo Salcedo.

‘This is a fundamental move by CIFA, aimed at formulating a holistic approach to the continued development of football in the Cayman Islands,’ said CIFA President Jeffrey Webb. He added, ‘Football carries a great responsibility to the community, and we at CIFA recognised the need to be firmly in control of its future by ensuring continuous development and strategic long-term planning.’

He spoke of the close connection to football and moulding future Caymanian leaders. ‘Football is dominated by the youth, and we see advancement of the game going hand-in-hand with continuous progress of young people.’

The 22-person strong Taskforce’s first charge is to conduct an audit and assessment of the game and its management. To assist them with this the FIFA officials remained in Grand Cayman for a week, meeting club leaders and the game’s administrators. They are to return shortly with a report reflecting FIFA’s view on the state of football development in the Cayman Islands.

The taskforce is charged with reviewing the current CIFA Development Plan; the administration and coaching of member clubs; the administration and coaching in national programmes; development of football within the primary, middle and high schools; the structure and organisation of the various CIFA leagues and the national programme; and the resources available to football within the Cayman Islands.

Following completion of these reviews the Taskforce will produce a document outlining the current state of football in the Cayman Islands; a proposal on the way forward; and a revised development plan including annual targets for CIFA, member clubs and other interested parties to the year 2020.

Persons in the Taskforce comprise government sport administrators, national and club coaches, club officials, and members of the community who hold a stake in the game’s future. They are Gene DaCosta, David Fredrick, Paul Macey, Mark White, Bernie Bush, Alfredo Whittaker, Neil Murray, Mark Scotland, Joel Francis, Gregory Ebanks, Simon Robshaw, Anthony Ramoon, Dalton Watler, Matthew Blake, Roy Ebanks, Antonio Smith, Thiago Cunha, Marcos Tinoco, Ronnie Roach, Lee Ramoon, Floyd Street, and Joscelyn Morgan.

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