Sir Turtle could go

It is possible that Cayman Airway could abandon its Sir Turtle logo.

In speaking about the on-going re-branding of Cayman’s national airline, Minister of Tourism Charles Clifford acknowledged the possibility of changing the logo.

No decision has been made yet, however.

‘This issue has been talked about for some time,’ Mr. Clifford said to the attendees of the People’s Progressive Movement National Council meeting in Bodden Town last week.

‘When you say the word re-branding, people automatically assume we’re going to change the colours, the tagline and the logo,’ he said, adding that the term re-branding also applies to the changing of Cayman Airway’s whole business culture.

‘It’s not to say the logo will change or the colours will change, but they may,’ he said. ‘[Or] Sir Turtle might move to another part of the plane.’

Mr. Clifford said he understood how Caymanians felt about Sir Turtle, which has been Cayman Airway’s logo since 1978, appearing on the tail of its aircraft.

Companies everywhere often go through re-branding exercises from time to time, Mr. Clifford said.

If there is a recommendation to change the logo, the public would be consulted.

‘You won’t just wake up one day and it will be changed,’ he said.

On another point concerning the branding of the Cayman Islands tourism product in general, Mr. Clifford said there was an exciting development.

‘We will be entering into a partnership with a major U.S. brand [this] week,’ he said, adding that he could not reveal the brand until a press conference takes place this Friday.

‘But those of you that are sports fans should stay tune,’ he said as a hint.

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