Alba offers new technology

Alba Special Systems Ltd. will represent Sumitomo Electric Lightwave’s FutureFLEX Air-blown Fiber technology, as the Licensed FutureFLEX Installer for the Cayman Islands.

In accordance with Alba Special Systems’ mission to deliver the latest and most technologically advanced solutions for its customers, the company sought to establish a relationship with Sumitomo Electric Lightwave, a leading fiber optic manufacturer in Research Triangle Park, NC, and the pioneer of the air-blown fiber technology in North America, states a press release.

‘The FutureFLEX Air-blown Fiber technology is considered to be the most advanced fiber optic LAN infrastructure available today,’ comments Jim Laurenson, owner of Alba Electrical Contractors and Alba Special Systems, Ltd. ‘The technology has been adopted by many well-known enterprises including the Pentagon, Mayo Clinic, CNN, ESPN, Starbucks Coffee, Vancouver International Airport, and many others. We are pleased to be the first to introduce this technology to the Cayman Islands and to be an instrument in its specification (along with speXsys, the Columbia, Md. professional assessment, design, and consulting company) and upcoming installation for Camana Bay, the 300 acre town and neighborhood stretching from Seven Mile Beach to the North Sound.’

As a Sumitomo LFI, Alba Special Systems will be hosting a seminar, demonstration, and social gathering 10 May from 3-4.30pm at the Marriott Beach Resort to introduce the air-blown fiber system to Cayman technology firms and developers.

Unlike conventional structured cabling solutions, FutureFLEX Air-blown Fiber eliminates the need of installing dark fiber and the need for companies to forecast future network requirements. Rather, fiber can be blown at speeds of up to 150 feet per minute only when and where it is needed within the network on a project to project basis. The technology allows for any type of fiber to be blown in minutes or hours, rather than the days, weeks, and months associated with conventional infrastructures, offering companies the immediate scalability and the immediate bandwidth needed for quick and easy network upgrades, expansions, and reconfigurations. The fiber can be blown out as easily as blown in and can be reused in other parts of the network, preserving the fiber investment. Also, unlike traditional cabling systems, FutureFLEX does not require construction work for network adds, moves, and changes so that there is no disruption to the facility or operations. The network’s flexibility and scalability enables companies to make the quick changes required to adopt the latest technologies, service the needs of customers faster and better, and save over ninety percent in time and labor costs, freeing the investment dollars and time of IT management for maximum productivity.

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