NCI expands its services

NCI Services is now offering online courier services similar to that of well-known international couriers but only for deliveries in the Cayman Islands.

Businesses and other clients will be able to order pickups, track their deliveries in real time and be able to establish proof of delivery online. For added customer service, online delivery updates will be automatically emailed to clients whenever deliveries are completed.

NCI Services is the brainchild of owners Shyam and Tamara Ebanks who began their enterprise six years ago, first delivering newspapers to residences and corporate offices.

Their first project was to deliver copies of the Caymanian Compass, which Cayman Free Press donated as a marketing experiment. The first evening they personally wrapped in plastic 300 copies of the newspaper and delivered them. Unfortunately, only three of the recipients subscribed, but Shyam and Tamara were not deterred.

In fact, they became even more determined.

‘We decided from day one that we would build our company on service,’ said Tamara. ‘We realized that hard work and determination were the keys to success, and nothing good comes easily so we must press on.’

NCI Services has grown and is delivering hundreds of newspapers to residences and businesses alike on a daily basis along with a plethora of international newspapers and magazines.

The company has grown from what was then News Carriers into NCI Services, a full-service company that many Cayman-based companies can depend on, for on time, professionally done deliveries, every time.

NCI Services offers three types of courier service.

Normal service includes pickup within 20 minutes and delivery within the hour or sooner.

Rush service is designed for packages that should have been there an hour ago and daily same day service to all districts on Grand Cayman.

In addition to document delivery, NCI has vastly expanded its general delivery and distribution services. The company can provide deliveries to only a few locations or to every residence and corporate office in Grand Cayman, even the Sister Islands, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman.

To learn more about NCI Services visit their website at or call 943-4624.

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