Spin brings Live Earth to Cayma

Spin 94.9 FM connected the Cayman Islands to the world last Saturday by airing the Caribbean’s sole radio broadcast of the Live Earth concert series, a press release said.

The nine Live Earth concerts spanned seven continents and featured over 100 musical artists. In a broadcast which aired from 5am last Saturday, to 5am Sunday, Spin’s DJs took listeners on a journey from Kyoto, Japan, Hamburg to Germany. Spin was chosen from thousands of radio stations to air the event.

‘We are so proud to have had the honour to be a part of Live Earth in our own small way,’ Kenny Rankin, managing director for Paramount Media, Spin’s parent company, said.

The concerts, with shows in London, Sydney, Tokyo, Kyoto, Shanghai, Hamburg, Johannesburg, Rio de Janeiro, were designed to raise awareness about global warming.

The Spin DJs who took part in the 24-hour music marathon were ‘The Spin Twins’ Kendal and Morgan, Spin’s afternoon personalities; Hard Core and morning show personality Sese.

Artists featured in the Live Earth broadcast included Shakira, Black Eyed Peas, Madonna, Genesis, The reunited Police, Alicia Keys, Kanya West, Smashing Pumpkins, Bon Jovi, Beastie Boys, Macy Grey, Crowded House and many more.

The 24-hour local broadcast on Spin FM boasted interactive features such as real-time addresses from former US Vice President Al Gore.

The Spin DJs also took it upon themselves to find ways for Cayman to ‘go green’. This entailed tips such as ‘Grow Your Own Grub’ and ‘How-to Green Your Sex Life’.

According to DJs, the Cayman reaction was phenomenal.

‘Live Earth really brought out a personal side in our listeners which was touching. Everyone wanted to share their own ‘green tip’ or give us some feedback on the music and message,’ morning show host Sese said.

Mr. Rankin added: ‘We hope the message of Live Earth reached as many people as possible and that we continue to become more aware of our planet and the impact of our actions on it.’

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