ARCP gets government car park contract

Work has begun on a car park for government employees and visitors to the Government Administration Building and it is expected to be completed by 29 September.

Mr. Kearney Gomez, left, and Mr. Mark Scotland

Ministry of District Administration, Planning, Agriculture and Housing Permanent Secretary Mr. Kearney Gomez, left, and ARCP Managing Director Mr. Mark Scotland at the signing of the contract to build a government car park. Photo: Submitted

The Central Tenders Committee awarded the $1.3 million contract to Advanced Road Construction and Paving 22 June to build a 367-vehicle park on the site of the old Triple-C School, off Humber Lane behind the Corporate Centre and Immigration Department, states a press release.

Assistant Project Manager for the Government Office Administration Project Mr. Martin Tedd, said 259 spaces in the park are for civil servants occupying the current and who will be in the proposed Government Administration Building; 57 will be reserved for the Immigration Department and 51 are for people visiting the Government Administration Building.

He said the car park will be a single open lot, manned by security guards and equipped with electronically controlled barriers denoting the three designated areas, entry points and exits.

Government employees will be issued electronic card passes.

Visitors using the park will be required to pick up a tag, which has to be verified by a machine in the office being visited. Should the visitor tag not be verified, that person will be requested to pay a fee for using the parking lot.

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