Bodden Town isn’t ignored

I refer to a letter in your paper of June 27, 2007 titled ‘Bodden Town needs help’ and signed by Twyla Mae Vargas.

This letter is basically an attack on the current representatives in more ways than one.

Criticism is fine if it is warranted and constructive and being offered by someone who actually does something!

The current representatives Eden, Clifford and Bodden are working very hard day in and day out to serve the people of Bodden Town and these three Cayman Islands.

It is NOT Government’s job to do everything for everyone!!

Government is here to provide a favourable infrastructure for things to get done and to offer security, healthcare and education to its people.

As far as Bodden Town needing roads, parks, street lights, supermarkets, malls and hardware stores, I believe if one looks around they will realise that we have most, if not all of this.

To the best of my knowledge the community of Savannah is a part of the Bodden Town district and between central Bodden Town as we know it, and Savannah most of these needs are present.

As for craft and food outlets, surely these are ventures that individuals should be seeking to open on their own?

In relation to a senior centre, I am sure Ms Vargas is aware of the Nurse Josie Senior Centre in her neighbourhood, which is being used for exactly for the purpose she has outlined, with plans to increase the scope and use of this facility in progress.

In the Government’s plans and budget there are many good things on the way for Bodden Town including:

• The procurement of beach land (one parcel already purchased) to increase the size of Coe Wood Public Beach, in order to facilitate craft stalls, water activities and a launch ramp in this area;

• The old Civic Centre is under renovation to provide a meeting hall upstairs and offices, etc. downstairs;

• The Dart Park on Government property adjacent to the Senior Centre is about to be started (private land adjacent to park is being purchased to increase the size of the park);

• A new Emergency Centre will be built on Anton Bodden Drive and a new state of the art Civic Centre (and Cat 5 hurricane shelter), with indoor sport capability, will be built next to the Primary School;

• Land is being purchased for extra cemetery space;

• Postal Kiosk in Breakers;

• Vehicle Licensing services will be offered within the next six to nine months from the Government’s compound by the old Civic Centre;

• A 25m swimming pool will be built by private individuals on Government property in the area of the old Civic Centre;

• A marine base is being built in Newlands;

• The launch area in Newlands will be re-developed, with a proper launch ramp and jetty being constructed;

These are just some of the items on our agenda as we move along with the plans for the development of our district.

I believe this is a fair load to deal with over the next two years (apart from all the national programmes and projects), and therefore we ask that patience and understanding be exhibited while we work together for the benefit of all (bear in mind that the first 12 months was spent focusing on the re-building of many private dwellings in the district).

In tandem with all this, various entrepreneurs are developing many good projects in the district and therefore Bodden Town is not being left behind as Ms Vargas would have many believe.

Ms Vargas also accused yours truly, in my role as a businessman in the district, of not hiring locals and if I did, they were being set up to fail (this latter part is not worth commenting on).

She knows as well as I do, that any honest, reliable and hard working person in Bodden Town who is not working, has chosen not to. I would certainly prefer to hire my own people rather than have the expense and headache of dealing with Immigration.

She is simply being mischievous and she knows it!!

This PPM administration is not about self interest or individual interest, but rather we are here for our people and their best interest. This is not a hand out government; that mentality needs to go! We are prepared to teach people to fish!

I submit that it is time for people like Ms Vargas to stop criticising and get involved! (The Bodden Town Action Group welcomes new members).

There is much to be done in Bodden Town, and it would be better to be a part of the solution than a part of the problem!!

Osbourne Bodden

Bodden Town MLA

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