RCIPS aids Belize force

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service has recently assisted the Belize Police Force with efforts to modernise the service and improve the way in which they police the country.

RCIPS Detective Sergeant Kim Evans, head of the Crime Desk, has just returned from a six-day trip to the Belize capital of Belmopan where he delivered a series of training sessions in relation to information technology and intelligence gathering and management.

‘The Belize Police Force is looking very hard at the way it operates and senior officers asked the RCIPS if we could assist,’ said Mr. Evans. ‘They saw the RCIPS as a good example of not only working harder but also smarter in the combat against crime, using intelligence-led policing.’

The Belize Police Force is converting a manual based crime recording system to an electronic based system, a process the RCIPS went through seven years ago.

Mr. Evans trained a number of senior and middle management officers on how the system can work most effectively.

‘They are currently going through a process that we have already been through and part of the reason for my trip was to pass on some lessons we learnt so that the change over process is as smooth as possible for them. Whenever you install a new IT system there can be teething problems and my job was to assist with some of theirs,’ he said.

Mr. Evans also spoke about police associations, detailing the procedures and duties of an effective association.

This is not the first time the RCIPS Crime Desk has assisted other forces with crime recording. This year three officers from Barbados spent time in the Cayman Islands and RCIPS officers have previously travelled to Trinidad to administer training.

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