Second Boatswain’s review planned

If it does not interfere with any potential police investigation, Cayman Islands Auditor General Dan Duguay said his office plans another review of the Boatswain’s Beach project.

Mr. Duguay said this second review would encompass the actual planning and construction of the West Bay tourist attraction.

The review has the potential to be much greater in scope than the audit released earlier this month, which focused only on the US$2.8 million spent to arrange debt financing for the project.

The Auditor General’s report found more than US$1.6 million of that money spent had little or no value to Cayman Islands residents.

At press time, the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service had made no statement about whether there would be a formal investigation into Mr. Duguay’s findings. Police Commissioner Stuart Kernohan met with the Auditor General on 16 July to discuss the matter.

‘If the police do investigate the financing and then it slipped into the construction of Boatswain’s Beach, we probably wouldn’t (start a second report),’ Mr. Duguay said. ‘It just depends on where they go.’

Both Mr. Duguay and Leader of Government Business Kurt Tibbetts have urged island authorities to conduct a full-fledged criminal probe into the Boatswain’s Beach financing.

Mr. Duguay said the debt financing section of the Boatswain’s project was handled separately from the construction because there was simply so much information for auditor’s to review.

‘We were always planning to review the project in its entirety,’ he said. ‘(In the second report) we’ll look at things like tendering, the actual construction itself, the financial projections. We’ll look at the entire budget.’

Apart from any police investigation that could take place, Mr. Duguay said the second review may need to wait because of other factors.

‘I assume they’re done (with the construction), but I don’t know that,’ he said. ‘Ideally, we’d like to wait until it was all constructed.’

‘It’s not going to be tomorrow that we start it (the second audit).’

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