Caymanian evicted

When it seemed like things could get no worse for Grace Rankine, last week Friday proved otherwise.

Ms Rankine and her son, along with their belongings, were evicted from the tiny abode they occupied in Windsor Park.

‘I was told to leave the place by Friday or my things would be put out on the street,’ said Ms Rankine.

When the Department of Children and Family Services was contacted on the issue, a spokesperson for the department said the case was in process and a report would be done.

In a previous issue of the Caymanian Compass, Ms Rankine, struggling with osteoporosis, medical and household bills, was making a cry to government and the community for assistance.

Bodden Town MLA Osbourne Bodden and George Town MLA Alfonso Wright called in on Ms Rankine, saw her plight and told her they would be taking her situation to government.

She was told to pay the August rent because of the short notice to find somewhere else for her to live.

After that Ms Rankine said she was visited by the Department of Children and Family Services. Ms Rankine said the department told the landlord they would have her out by Friday. ‘I do not know if they did not find a place because they have not been back since to check.

‘After they left, and the story broke in Friday’s Caymanian Compass, the landlord told us we had to leave.’

Not wanting to suffer the disgrace of having her things thrown on the street, Ms Rankine said she elicited the help of a friend to help her move her belongings in his pickup truck.

She said a friend told her of a place in Spotts Newlands that was for rent. She called the lady but was told the rent was $1,200 per month.

‘I gave her $600, which was every cent I had in my account. She accepted that and I told her I would give her the rest of it by the end of the month.

‘God knows I cannot afford that kind of rent even though the lady was kind enough to take us in.’

Ms Rankine said the distance to George Town with her illness was also a problem. She said her car does not work properly and she has to take her son to work each day.

‘I contacted the social services on Wednesday and told them the situation and cost of rent. I even carried the newspaper to let them see.

According to Mr. Bodden, he was told by the department that once Ms Rankine brought in her son’s pay slip they would deal with the matter.

Help for grace

Café del Sol restaurant owner Marek Bradbury said the story bothered him so much he was willing to donate a day’s gross proceeds from the restaurant to Ms Rankine. He also had a talk with his staff and they were willing to donate all their tips to help out.

This Friday, the owner and staff of Café del Sol are appealing to the public to come out to the restaurant and support Ms Rankine’s cause.

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