Today’s Editorial August 09: Supervise Cubans’ jaunts

Cuban detainees are being given the freedom to wander our roads this week.

While we appreciate the migrants aren’t prisoners, they are being held awaiting repatriation to Cuba.

They are an unknown quantity.

While we hope they will behave responsibly, we have no guarantees.

They are being allowed to roam the streets unsupervised between 9am and 6pm.

They’re not allowed to work, but they also don’t have any money.

We have compassion for those who have been detained in the Cayman Islands for several months and understand their desire to leave the detention facility.

But we do question why they are being allowed to walk about without any supervision.

Some of the 10 who were let out yesterday participated in a protest march in George Town in April.

They broke out of the detention centre and walked around George Town, carrying a banner indicating they don’t want to go back to Cuba.

Essentially, they were breaking the law then. Marching protestors are required to get a permit.

Immigration officials have said they don’t consider the Cuban migrants to be a threat to anyone, and they’re probably right.

But what’s going to happen if just one of them does break the law?

They’ll go through the judicial system at a financial burden to the Cayman Islands and be imprisoned before being repatriated to Cuba.

Whether you agree with the Memorandum of Understanding between the Cayman Islands and Cuba or not, the Cubans who land here illegally are just that, illegal.

Giving them free rein to roam our streets, mingle with our citizens and visitors may be a nice gesture, but we’re not so sure it’s the right decision.

If the illegal Cubans are going to be allowed to roam our streets, they should at least be supervised.

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