Lacovia helps National Trust

Lacovia Resort on Seven Mile Beach recently became a 2007 corporate member of the National Trust for the Cayman Islands.

‘We are very pleased with the positive response and enthusiasm that the Trust receives from the local community,’ Caroline Key, Development & Marketing Manager for the Trust, said in a press release.

‘The Trust works hard to carry out its mission and the support from the corporate community is much needed for us to continue our efforts.’

This year, the National Trust celebrates its 20th anniversary. To commemorate this achievement the Trust has launched its new corporate membership program. It is a tiered program, allowing organisations to enter in at various different levels ranging from Bronze through to Platinum.

‘Our goal is to have 20 Gold level members enrolled by the end of the year in honour of our 20-year achievement,’ Ms Key said.

As a corporate member, Lacovia is entitled to the range of benefits available to National Trust members such as use of the National Trust Library and Research Centre and discounts on a wide range of educational programs, forums, wildlife excursions, historic tours and cookery classes.

Lacovia will also receive a certificate stating their corporate membership in the National Trust, a subscription to The Trust Times, the National Trust’s periodic newsletter and a discount on in-store merchandise at the Trust Visitor Centres located at Trust House, South Sound and Mission House, Bodden Town.

In addition, Lacovia Resort has the opportunity to utilise many of the National Trust projects as team-building days for their staff.


The National Trust Visitor Centres offer helpful advice and information on the Cayman Islands and have a wide range of gifts, apparel and locally made artisanal goods. The Centres are located at Trust House in the Dart Family Park, 558 South Church Street, South Sound and at Mission House, 63 Gun Square, Bodden Town. For more information please call the National Trust on 949 0121 or visit