Hyatt considers Rum Point staff options

The Hyatt Regency Hotel is working toward making sure its staff members stationed at Rum Point Club will be taken care of once the hotel and North Side resort part ways in November.

Hyatt General Manager Diego Concha said this earlier this week.

The Caymanian Compass reported last week that The Hyatt will no longer manage the beach resort of Rum Point Club, come 1 November. The Hyatt has 20 staff members stationed there, including chefs, servers and bar tenders.

Rum Point Investment Company, which owns the North Side property, has been in discussions with a number of parties regarding the leasing of the property so Rum Point Club can re-open following the Hyatt’s cessation of management there.

Mr. Concha said, ‘As soon as a decision is made by Rum Point Investment on what is happening with the property we’ll openly discuss the situation’. He noted that this may involve some staff choosing to return to work at the Hyatt Hotel property, some remaining at the Rum Point property under new management, or some may go elsewhere.

‘We want to make sure everyone is taken care of,’ he said, explaining that the hotel has been in touch with the Labour and Immigration departments on the situation to make sure everyone knows what is happening and that everything is above board.

A number of Caymanians are included in the 20 staff members, Mr. Concha said.

It was purely a business decision to cease Hyatt operations at Rum Point, he said.

Rum Point Club has been run by the Hyatt Hotel since 1995.

The North Side beach resort is a popular relaxation spot for both residents and tourists.

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