Men vital to slaying case

Police officers investigating the killing of West Bay resident Marlon Brando Ebanks are searching for two men who were seen on a bicycle near Mr. Ebanks’ house the night he was shot.

The two men, one pedalling a dark-coloured Huffy mountain bike and the other sitting on its front handle bars, were seen on Boatswain’s Bay Road heading toward Mr. Ebanks’ home just before the shooting occurred.

The shooting suspect was spotted by witnesses leaving the scene of the crime on a bicycle.

One of the bike riders, who police said were only being sought as witnesses, was described as tall, with a medium build, wearing long dark pants and a dark shirt draped around his neck. The second man was described as thinner and slightly taller, wearing dark clothing and a dark tam on his head pulled down to his eyebrows.

‘There is no doubt that these men were in the area at the time of the murder,’ said Royal Cayman Islands Police Chief Inspector Peter Kennett.

Mr. Ebanks was shot eight times, four in the head and four in the body, the night of 21 August. He was discovered face down in the yard of his home when police arrived.

A man arrested earlier in connection with the shooting was later let go without charges after police determined he was not involved.

The killing is the third to occur in the Cayman Islands this year and the only one in which RCIPS has not made an arrest.

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