Northward traffic jam irks residents

People who live along Northward Road have said it’s becoming so crowded with cars that they’re struggling to pull out of their driveways between the hours of 7am and 8am during weekdays.

Several residents have reported the issue to police over the past month; one even sent the Caymanian Compass a letter to complain about the situation.

‘Residents that live above the Northward Road heading to town have turned Northward into a shortcut in the mornings,’ wrote the resident. ‘The ‘outside traffic’ does not respect the no speeding and children at play signs.’

In addition to safety concerns, the writer said traffic, particularly in the mornings, has become a nuisance.

‘We are now forced to sit in traffic in our own residential area waiting for someone to let you out of your own front yard,’ she wrote.

Northward Road connects to Shamrock Road, the main artery into George Town for residents on the east side of the island.

Complaints about speeders and morning traffic jams along Northward Road have led to increased police patrols in that area of Bodden Town district.

Since last week, officers have been stationed in the neighbourhood, particularly during peak travel hours, performing speed checks.

From Wednesday 26 September up through Monday, 1 October seven speeding tickets were issued to drivers in the area. Other motorists have been given warnings about being careless behind the wheel.

Bodden Town police commander Richard Barrow said officers are keeping an eye out for speeders, careless drivers, and people who fail to wear seatbelts.

Police cautioned residents that drivers are using the Northward Road as a cut through are not breaking any laws as long as they’re obeying the rules of the road.

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