Too many trailers unlicensed

Am I the only person in Cayman with a legal trailer?

It would appear that an unfortunate person has died due to a trailer coming loose.

This cannot be a great surprise to anybody who actually drives on Caymans roads.

I have a boat trailer that has been tested and registered by the vehicle licensing department.

Can everybody who uses a trailer on the island say the same thing?

I don’t think so.

Every time I launch my boat I see trailers without registrations; some without lights even.

Only today I was behind a huge big rig carrying large rocks from the quarry at Bodden Town.

It had no registration number plate on the trailer and no brake lights.

This is very dangerous.

If these deadly contraptions are allowed to travel freely on Cayman’s roads there will only be more accidents.

I see lots of reports about people getting tickets for speeding and DUI, but not many about illegal trailers.

Come on police, it can’t be difficult to spot an illegal trailer they’re not small after all.
Geoff Loadman

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