Woman arrested for breaching bail

Police arrested a West Bay woman last week on suspicion of breaching the bail conditions imposed upon her by the court.

On Tuesday, officers attended the home of the 31-year-old woman who is subject to a curfew imposed by the court. Despite these conditions, the woman was not present at her home address when she was required to be, said an RCIPS press release.

When she returned, the woman was arrested for breach of bail conditions and taken intro custody. In addition, the woman and a man she was with at the time were both arrested on suspicion of possession of ganja and suspicion of consuming a controlled drug.

The man has since been released from custody pending further investigations.

People who are convicted of offences or released on bail pending trial by the court can have a number of restrictions placed on them, such as not going to certain places, not speaking to certain people and having to be at their home address at certain times of the day or night.

‘Courts have the power to place these conditions on people for a number of reasons,’ said Acting Commissioner of Police, Mr Rudolph Dixon. ‘To minimize the risk of further offending, to prevent the interference of witnesses and to ensure he or she attends trial at a later date are just some of the reasons why conditions are imposed. It is obviously important that these conditions are abided by.’

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