Today’s Editorial October 25: Help reduce crime

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Services released some bothersome news Tuesday.

Overall crime is on the increase.

The good news is that major crimes like murder, robbery and rape haven’t increased.

The bothersome news is that the crimes of theft, threatening violence and domestic violence are up.

We can only hope that the increase in domestic crimes is evident because people are more aware and more willing to report those offences.

Domestic violence can only be stopped when it is reported and the perpetrators prosecuted.

One of the biggest increases came in the reports of people threatening violence.

Threatening or abusive language should not be tolerated here or anywhere else.

Using intimidation to get your will done is wrong.

The increase in thefts is worrisome because we are all potential victims.

But there are some things we can do to make sure our possessions are safe like making sure you’re the doors to your vehicle are locked when you’re not in it, installing security alarms at your home and putting up motion detector lights outside.

Unfortunately long gone are the days when it was safe to leave your house with open windows and unlocked doors.

Make sure your doors are kept locked and secure at all times and forget about hiding a spare key under the doormat.

While some of the communities in the Cayman Islands are part of neighbourhood watch programmes, we should all be watching out for our neighbours.

If you notice something suspicious, call the police.

And if you haven’t gotten your UV property marking pens yet, get in touch with RCIPS or someone from Rotary Central.

Marking your goods and valuables will make it easier to identify them if they are stolen.

We can all do our part to make the crime statistics even better next year.

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