Friday CAL baggage concerns raised

Concerns have been raised by some Cayman Airways customers that their luggage has not arrived with them on some recent Friday morning flights into Grand Cayman from Miami.

The morning flight 103 from Miami to Grand Cayman on Friday mornings on certain occasions recently has not seen some of its passengers’ luggage arriving in Grand Cayman until flights later on in the day from Miami, the Caymanian Compass was told.

When contacted, Cayman Airways’ management acknowledged that some customers have raised concerns with the issue and the airline is evaluating baggage allowance on these flights and it is expecting to be able to provide a larger capacity aircraft shortly for the route, as much as possible.

Some customers claim the situation stems from multiple large packages being brought into Grand Cayman on flights that allow for connection on to Cuba. Flights to Cuba run Sunday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons.

Flight 103 from Miami arrives in Grand Cayman at 11.30am up to 3 November and thereafter arrives in Grand Cayman at 12.15pm.

Travel agency Cayman Tours and Travel is aware of the problem.

‘We’ve heard complaints from customers that this is happening,’ said owner Katherine Coxe.

In response to questions on the issue VP Commercial with CAL John Wrightington said, ‘We are evaluating the baggage allowance for these flights and we plan for larger capacity aircraft as much as possible,’ he said.

He explained that one of the airline’s two 737-300s is in Costa Rica for a ‘C’ check, a type of maintenance check. ‘This particular type aircraft is the preferred aircraft to fly the Miami route as it can accommodate significantly more cargo than the other aircraft type in our fleet. Once that aircraft returns in early November, we will have the flexibility to assign the larger aircraft to the Miami route.’

Cayman Airways is taking delivery of another 737-300 in the first quarter of 2008 that will enable it to operate the route with greater regularity with the 300 type, he said.

Mr. Wrightington also said, ‘As much as possible, we will advise our local customers that their bags did not make it on the same flight as they did so they do not wait around in the baggage area.

‘Cayman Airways values all of its customers and we will continue to work to effectively transport passengers and cargo to the desired destinations.’

He added, ‘We continue to make decisions, which make good business sense for the national airline Cayman Airways.’

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