Traffic offences

West Bay Police officers detected more than 100 traffic violators last weekend, which resulted in 85 people being prosecuted for speeding, 18 for failing to comply with traffic signs, four for driving without wearing seatbelts and three for using vehicle with expired registration and no insurance.

Chief Inspector Angelique Howell said this is a strong message being sent to those who choose to break the traffic laws of this island; they will be caught and will be prosecuted.

‘If you fail to comply with the traffic law you will find that your actions will disrupt your comfortable way of living and also weigh heavily on your pockets. I urge motorists to buckle up and slow down. This can save your life and the life of others,’ she said.

Inspector Howell also encourages those that are abiding by the law to continue to do so and thanked the West Bay community for its support and partnership.

‘I encourage more partnership and ask that the line of communication remain open. You, the residents, can work with us to allow change and make West Bay and the Cayman Islands a safer and better place to live, visit and work,’ she said.

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