Unhappy with Jamaica coverage

Please allow me space in your paper to express my disgust and I am deeply offended by the news being reported on Jamaica in the Caymanian Compass.

I have written, in the past about what seems to be the Compass’ persistence in reporting, especially on their Page 2, a very prominent page, the worst news that they can find out of Jamaica.

I have noticed that the Cayman community is been fed a steady diet of negative news coming out of Jamaica. Is this deliberate or what? Can the Compass please explain why this is so as a very proud and ambitious Jamaican I would really like to know.

Cayman is a very mixed cultured society and the last time I heard the figure was over 100 different ethnic groups here and I have really struggled to find in the Compass the kind of negative news being reported on United States, Canada, India, the Philippines, Trinidad, Barbados, Honduras or any other group. Why this direct focus on Jamaica?

A perfect example of this was demonstrated in the issue Tuesday, 13 November where the headline on page 2 states ‘Bullet mailed to Manpower boss,’ which in my opinion, if to be carried, deserves the regional page, while a local story, which affects all expats here with the headline ‘Immigration to move’ is buried on Page 6 accompanied by another local story ‘Jury hung in death by dangerous driving case.’

The story in reference appeared in the Gleaner on Friday, 9 November and appeared in the Caymanian Compass on Tuesday, 13 November. Is the Compass trying to tell the community that the best piece of news they could find out of Jamaica during this four day period is that story?

I am not advocating for the newspaper to compromise on its news but there should be some balance here. If you have set aside your Page 2 for bad news on the country from which your expats came then I would love to see some bad news on America, Canada, Honduras, Dominica and Jamaican too. Let’s level the playing field.

You may want consider this, that the more bad news you publish about Jamaica then probably the longer we will be inclined to stay here and I am sure that your immigration department wouldn’t like that.

Mike Hurst

Editor’s note: Policy was established several years ago to devote page 2 to News, as appears in the overline on the page, and to dedicate regional stories to that page. It was also determined to focus on Jamaica, taking the top story from the Gleaner because of Cayman’s heritage with Jamaica. There have been many stories over the years on Page 2 from the Caribbean, not just Jamaica. There have also been positive stories on that page out of Jamaica. Other pages that have the overline of local news are dedicated to news from the Cayman Islands.

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