Road works cost $23.59M in ’06/07

The Cayman Islands Government spent CI$23.59 million on road works during the 2006/07 financial year.

The figures were released as part of the Sixth Supplementary Annual Plan and Estimates for the Government of the Cayman Islands for the year ending 30 June 2007,

The total spent on road works does not include an additional $3 million for the settlement of claims for properties gazetted to facilitate road construction works or $4.85 million spent by the National Roads Authority for the management and maintenance of public roads.

The final figures for the road works increased well more than double over what was originally anticipated when the 2006/07 budget was presented to the Legislative Assembly in May 2006.

In that document, the government budgeted $3 million for phase three of the Esterley Tibbetts Highway extension, which took the road from the area near the Hyatt Regency Hotel to the road just north of the Courtyard Marriott. The total revised cost of the road during the ’06/07 financial year was CI$6.25 million.

Part of that project, which was originally projected to cost CI$15 million, remains to be done.

The original budget for 2006/07 also asked for CI$2 million for the road known as the East/West Arterial Road. In the end, CI$12 million was spent on the project in that financial year. That road is not yet open.

In addition, $4.85 million was originally budgeted for other road works on Grand Cayman, including the widening of North Sound Road and the associated kerb works. The final cost for that output in the budget was CI$5.34 million.

The current 2007/08 budget presented in May anticipated another CI$9 million in road projects, including $4 million for the Linford Pierson Highway extension to Walkers Road; $2 million for the East/West Arterial Road; and $3 million for hot mix overlay of existing roads.

If all that was appropriated in ’07/08 is used, the government will spend $32.59 million in road works in two years.

In addition, the 2007/08 budget anticipated spending $1.1 million on a traffic calming project and $250,000 for a guardrail installation programme. Another $3 million was allocated for the settlement of gazetted claims for road works in ’07/08.

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