A dare to DARE

Shame on Dart. Allowing The Golden Compass to be shown on its new screens at Camana Bay is a slap in the face to all Christians of the Cayman Islands (and even God fearing non-Christians).

Our children and grandchildren are besieged with anti-Christian and anti-God propaganda from all directions on TV.

Now they are even being bribed by these new theatres to get them to support a blatantly anti-God author. The funds reportedly will be donated to DARE, I dare DARE to refuse these funds.

The purpose of the movie is to get children hooked on a toned down movie version of the first book so they will want to buy all three books, which get progressively more anti-Christian, anti-God, hooking young minds on atheism.

No Christian should allow their children to see The Golden Compass.

Gordon Hewitt

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