Practice Christian tolerance, please

Can someone please tell me WHY the Cayman Islands Legislative Assembly feels the need to tell the people of the Cayman Islands what we can and cannot watch?

Shouldn’t it be left to the public and the parents (both adults) to decide whether or not they want their child to watch a specific film or not?

Shouldn’t responsible parents go and see the film first before making the decision as to whether the film is child appropriate?

Most films and fairytales are about good vs. evil with good prevailing over evil.

If we are going to play hypocrite, then shouldn’t certain sections of the Bible be banned, as there are many verses, which can be construed as blasphemous, seditious or obscene? Can Arden McLean, Lucille Seymour, Alfonso Wright, Julianna O’Connor-Connolly or UCCI President Hassan Syed please provide us the cinema going adult public who pay to watch the movies with our own hard-earned salaries with the authority and mandate that they have to censor what we should and should not watch?

What information and abilities do these individuals have that would qualify them to make what they perceive to be sound decisions for us the cinema going public?

Who asked them for their opinion?

Does public opinion have no validity?

We are not children, and just like I have the option to watch a show on telly or switch it off, the same should hold true for the cinema going public.

Also, please don’t insult our intelligence that the Golden Compass is not the reason why a long-dormant film licensing board has chosen now to remerge its head.

The last time I checked, the Cayman Islands was not Cuba, Iran or China. We do NOT need government dictatorships here.

To the Ministers Association, if any of you who preach each morning at your pulpit is pure of sin, then throw the first stone.

The film hasn’t even been launched and viewed by any of them but they have expressed concern it could lead children to read a trilogy of books penned by Mr. Pullman.

I will purchase whatever book or film I feel is necessary to my mental growth and children and no government will decide that for me.

That is why we choose to live in and experience a democracy.

It is close-minded, ignorant thinking such as this that has led to some of the world’s atrocities e.g. the Holocaust and the barbaric Christian crusades – Christians were not only victims but they also were the perpetrators of violence.

But when have Christians demonstrated this love to Muslims or Jews? We have gone to them with swords and guns.

We have gone to them with racism and hatred. We have gone to them with feelings of cultural superiority and economic domination.

We have gone to them with colonialism and exploitation. We have even gone to them with the Gospel cloaked in arguments of superiority. Only a few have ever gone with the message of Calvary…We must do more than carry the message; we must be the message.

We are supposed to be a Christian society, so let’s practice Christian acceptance of different people and views.

Natasha Bunting

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