Boaters rescued from sea

The joint Royal Cayman Islands Police Service and Customs Marine Unit assisted three people from America this weekend after the trimaran they were travelling on got into difficulty at sea some 28 miles west of George Town.

The Port Authority received a distress call at approximately 7.50pm on Saturday. The unit responded to the call with Cayman Protector and was assisted in their search by tanker but due to rough seas and bad conditions the unit had to return to shore at around 3.30am. The vessel they were looking for also had a very weak radio signal, which meant that unless Protector got very close to them it was difficult to communicate.

Protector ventured out again at first light on Sunday morning and with the assistance of a second tanker had located the boat in distress by 10am. The rudder of the trimaran had broken and so the boat was unable to steer and had been running back and forth waiting for assistance. The trimaran and the three people were brought safely to shore at around 3.15pm.

The boat was registered in Tampa, Florida. Those aboard were believed to be on a trip around the Caribbean.

The damaged trimaran is being anchored off George Town while repairs are made.

‘This is an example of the type of calls the marine unit responds to and demonstrates our search and rescue capacity,’ Head of the Marine Unit Inspector Brad Ebanks said. ‘We would like to send thanks to the Port Authority and the additional vessels that assisted us in this search. When agencies and individuals work together in this way it makes our jobs much easier. Finally, I commend the officers for their efforts and actions which were, at times, carried out in very dangerous conditions.’

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