Thanks for the road

Isn’t it great when you don’t have to sit in traffic for hours?

When you can get to work and actually work instead of complaining for hours about the traffic? When you get home and can actually spend time with your family?

Ask the people in West Bay just how much the quality of their life has improved since the bypass extension.

Yeah, I know it isn’t complete, but the hours you spent commuting are now used more productively.

Well, that is what the people who live past Marina Drive have been looking forward to for some months now.

Thank you, Minister McLean and the rest of the government, for providing us with this new thoroughfare, which I know will cut down on our driving time back and forth. And it has a bicycle path as well.

I realise that some members of the public have been upset about the cost, but our infrastructure has been neglected for so long now.

Grand Cayman simply needed the roads to accommodate the number of cars. Had the road been put in five years ago, perhaps the cost would not have been so high. I am not jabbing at any government – I am just saying thank you for this wonderful stretch of highway that will improve my life and that of all those who have to make the daily commute.

I know some people out there will say that my father is the chair of the National Roads Authority and that I am just doing public relations for him.

I love my father – there is no doubt of that; however, this road was well in the works prior to his taking over the chairmanship.

So cut that argument out of your head, and for the people of Marina, Mahogany and Prospect Drive, turn left, take the 250-foot drive to the roundabout and head back into town. Not only will it be safer, it will cut down on those long lines of people letting you into the line of traffic.

Giving me extra time to do the things I want to do rather than sit for hours in traffic is the best Christmas present the government could have given the people who have to travel past Spotts-Newlands.

Tara Bush

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