Today’s Editorial December 13: Be prepared for weather

Just when we let our guard down Mother Nature is throwing us a curve ball.

And its name is Olga.

At the time of writing this editorial Tropical Storm Olga is marching across the Caribbean, having left her mark on Puerto Rico and Dominica in the form of four dead people.

Forecasters are predicting TS Olga will weaken into a depression before it gets near the Cayman Islands, but those of us who have vast experience with tropical storms and hurricanes know that predictions don’t always come true.

Remember Hurricane Ivan in 2004? That storm was supposed to cross Jamaica, but between the night of 10 September, a Friday, and the morning of 11 September Ivan started wobbling, skirting Jamaica and setting its sites on the Cayman Islands.

Many of us who went to bed Friday night feeling good about the impending storm not being too severe, began to get a sense of dread Saturday morning when we realised this storm was going to be bad.

And it was.

Hurricane Ivan, if nothing else, should have taught each and every one of us the necessity to be prepared at all times.

And while hurricane season officially ended last month, those of us in this region know all too well that December hurricanes, while rare, do happen.

We don’t know what Olga is going to do.

We pray it is just a soaking rain event for the Cayman Islands. We could all use a little fresh water in our cisterns and on our gardens.

If you’ve packed away your hurricane survival kit and forgotten your plans of what to do in sever weather, refresh both.

If you don’t have hurricane supplies on hand, go ahead and get them.

Don’t wait until the last minute when just about everyone will be scrambling for hurricane supplies, which may at that time be in short supply.

Again, we don’t know what Olga is going to do.

What we do know is that there is a storm in the Caribbean and it is up to us to be prepared

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