Campbells gives back

A crusader for the visually impaired and a parenting program will be benefiting in the coming year from Campbells Attorneys-at-Law.

Gloria Powery, Cayman’s spirited special needs teacher for the blind and visually impaired, was thrilled to learn she had been selected to receive a $5,000 donation towards her work.

Campbells partner Alistiar Walters says he was greatly impressed by Ms Powery’s selfless dedication to such an important cause.

‘Most people take the ability to see for granted and spare little thought for those who are either visually impaired or blind,’ he said.

‘The work of dedicated experts such as Gloria Powery, who assist both the young and the elderly to retain what sight they have and to enhance their quality of life is commendable and not given as much publicity as it deserves. As a result such work is less visible than other charitable and government run social and educational programmes and hence our wish to offer support to it.’

Mrs Powery was relieved to hear that she had gained such a generous friend, given that much or her work relies on donations and pro bono work on the part of opticians, eye doctors, social services and members of the public.

‘Mr. Walters surprised me so much when he offered me the money, I was so thankful that now some of the most important items on my wish list can be taken care of,’ she said.

Immediate plans for the funds include life-changing cataract surgery for a young mother with two visually impaired children, new eyeglasses for a needy preschooler, a portable light-box used for visual exercises, and ‘talking’ computer software for the blind.

Ms Powery was also given an additional surprise: Campbells has agreed to a further annual donation of $2,000.

‘I could not be any happier right now, as my students will greatly benefit from this extremely generous gift,’ she said.

With the focus on family life at Christmas time, Campbells partners saw no better time than to assist the promotion of good parenting, presenting the National Parenting Programme with a cheque for CI$5,000 to support this important educational opportunity.

‘The National Parenting Programme is much better known than Ms Powery’s cause, yet has a much greater variety of challenges,’ he said.

‘There is controversy about whether a person’s character is more influenced by their upbringing or their genes. What can be said with certainty is that assisting parents to help guide and mould their children into people of good character and moral fibre with a desire to succeed is to assist with and invest in the development of the next generation and the future of the Islands. Campbells is committed to ensuring that investment is made.’

Mr. Walters says over the years Campbells has been a keen supporter such entities and good causes as Maple House, The Pines, the Cancer Society and the Cayman Islands Olympic Committee.

‘At this time of the year in particular we feel it is extremely important to give something back to the community. It is hoped that these two causes in particular will benefit a great deal with our help.’

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