Recycle Christmas trees

Recycling natural Christmas trees has become one of Grand Cayman’s end-of holiday traditions, with a definite benefit: It protects the environment by keeping trees out of the landfill, and by providing free mulch for our gardens.

The trees are recycled by Department of Environmental Health staff, who note that the mulch is very popular with residents.

Until 18 January, Grand Cayman residents can place their natural Christmas trees in DEH containers, at the following sites.

– Ed Bush Stadium, West Bay

– George Town Cricket Field

– Spotts Dock, Savannah-Newlands

– Entrance of Frank Sound Road

Front of George Dixon Park, East End

On Saturday, 19 January, the free mulch will be available for residents at the George Town Cricket Field. Residents are urged to come early, and to bring their own bags and shovels to collect the mulch, says DEH’s Assistant Director of Solid Waste Sean McGinn. ‘By the end of the morning, all of the mulch is usually taken,’ he notes.