Motorists targeted

Several motorists were caught breaking various traffic laws in West Bay during an operation to drive home road safety messages 9 January.

Nine speeding tickets were issued, 12 drivers were caught not obeying traffic signs, one person was arrested for driving without a license, one person was found operating a vehicle with an expired registration and 16 people were caught not wearing their seatbelts. In all 39 motorists were caught breaking the law.

The StreetSkill campaign, launched on 1 May, 2006, by the National Roads Authority, the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service and The Cayman Islands Road Safety Advisory Council, is aimed at educating motorists and influencing their behaviour and will continue throughout 2008. Topics covered by StreetSkill in 2007 included speeding, driving under the influence of alcohol, child safety and car seats, seat belt safety and cycle safety. Highlights from 2007 included the correct installation of 60 child safety seats, the distribution of 100 cycle lights to cyclists, participation in community events such as the Island living show, numerous school talks and hundreds of enforcement campaigns.

Organisers are looking for feedback on the campaign and welcome ideas and thoughts from the community. Residents are encouraged to contact [email protected], 244-3004 or [email protected] – 244-5865. Any individual or business interested in supporting the StreetSkill campaign should contact either Deborah Denis Marion Pandohie.